Month: July 2018

What breakfast to lose weight?

If you want to have a flat stomach, you can start by stopping your continental breakfast of juices and other sugary foods that can help store fat in your body. Instead, have a breakfast that does not exceed 400 calories in which you have natural fruits, proteins and fiber. So, get some energy for the

5 essential oils appetite suppressant

The virtues of aromatherapy is no longer to prove. Some doctors even recommend it to speed up the healing process of certain diseases. But essential oils also have very valuable slimming properties. For this, we must choose organic essential oils, not just any. Here are the most effective essential oils to regulate keto go appetite and

Apricot oil to fight against stretch marks

Unsightly marks left by a pregnancy or following a weight gain, the stretch marks often make resistance when it is necessary to make them disappear. Follows natural remedies, and if you try apricot oil to treat them effectively? Moisturizing, rich in vitamin E, vitamin A and phytosterols, it is a good anti-stretch marks treatment while

Essential oil of niaouli: slimming virtues?

To boost your diet naturally, it’s not just herbal teas and infusions: essential oils can also be very useful. But among the many options, which one to choose? Coming from Madagascar or Australia, does the essential oil of Niaouli lose weight? Well, everything depends on your profile. If you suffer from excess cellulite, go for

Magnesium chloride for a flat stomach

Lose weight with grandma’s tricks it works! It is true that sometimes methods that have been proven are forgotten to make room for new methods. It’s not necessarily bad, but it has disadvantages. The methods of our grannies have already been tested and we know that it works very well. Here is one of those

Which cabbage to choose to lose weight?

This superfood is one of the stars of detox diets. Very low in calories, it is recommended to lose weight. There are several varieties and all have the same common point of being low in calories. They are also distinguished by their very high content of vitamin C and K. In addition, several recent studies

Drink salt water to lose weight?

If it’s the first thing we think about to prevent the effects of frost on our driveways, salt is rarely associated with a cure to lose weight. If it is well dosed, salt water is however an excellent asset for health and thinness. Specifically, how can it help you lose weight? The slimming benefits of