Month: October 2018

How to lose 50 kg with Weight Watchers?

To lose weight quickly 50 kg or more , without losing its motivation , it is advisable to follow a method of slimming in the long term. The program curves smooth forskolin offered by Weight Watchers makes it possible to lose weight without frustration : the rebalancing of food is the basis of success, in addition

Is raw leek toxic?

Leek is a food particularly rich in fiber and nutrients. Low in calories, it is an excellent natural appetite suppressant that can effectively fight against water retention . With its many qualities and nutritional values, this vegetable fits perfectly in many recipes. true light keto But can it be consumed raw or is it toxic?

How to lose 4 pounds after 50 years?

Mincing after 50 years is often more complicated than slimming down when you have 30. But fortunately, with a healthy lifestyle , it is quite possible to lose 4 pounds without resuming at this age. For this, nothing like eating healthy and doing some physical exercise every week. The slimming shop Anaca3 Good eating habits

How to lose 5 kg in 1 year?

Losing weight quickly is not always easy, especially past a certain age. Setting a goal of -5 kg ​​on the scale in 1 year is quite reasonable. How to achieve this? Just follow a balanced diet and move on a regular basis: to some extent, True Light Keto reduce its intake of sugar or salt and

Our special hip sports program

Fats tend to accumulate in the hips for both women and men . If some people have learned to live with it, others want to make it disappear. Many techniques make it possible to take up this challenge and to find a more gracious body. The most important thing is to follow a slimming program

How to lose weight without taking muscle?

It is wrong to believe that playing sports systematically increases muscle mass. A moderate activity adapted to your physical condition will allow you to sculpt your thighs without taking muscle. Focus on the exercises that will help you achieve your goals. Refine your thighs with sport Niwali Keto Diet To lose weight while avoiding over-muscle, prefer

How many calories in the sfiha?

The sfiha, this slab of meat or small Arab pizza, has an undeniable success around the world, having even seduced South America! It can be enjoyed in fast food restaurants as well as in more expensive restaurants, but at what price for our line? Caloric intake and nutritional value The number of calories will depend

The fast gym: the new slimming trend

You have no more excuses! If you are one of those who still say they do not have time to play sports, here is the physical activity you need: the fast gym! What is it? What are its effects ? We tell you everything. What is the method of fast-gym? The fast-gym promises a maximum