Month: November 2018

3 days of low calorie diet

To lose weight quickly and effortlessly, the best solution is to go on a 3-day low calorie diet . This is a slimming program that is starting to get a lot of fans for its effectiveness. The principle is very simple: consume only foods low in calories and small quantity during the 3 days you

What protein diet to lose weight in 15 days?

Protein diets appeared in the 1960s in the United States. Since then, many variants have emerged. Today we can distinguish between natural and powdered protein diets. However, a natural protein diet has the advantage of being healthier and more varied than a protein diet with bags and without meat. You can lose between 5 kg

Is the no-residue diet ideal for diabetics?

Also known as a fiber-free diet, the no-residue diet is for people wishing to empty the contents of their gut . Far from being a complete slimming program, it contributes to the loss of a few centimeters in waist circumference. Indeed, a bulky belly is linked to metabolic dysfunction when the stool is not fully

Does the bike allow you to build your back?

thrma splutĀ Are you suffering from back pain ? Rather than not moving and lying, limiting your movements while rushing on drugs, it is high time to resume the sport, gently but surely. But what is really good for the back ? Which sports should be favored to develop one’s musculature at this level? Is the