Month: January 2019

Low calorie menu idea

As we know, for a good weight loss, it is better to pay attention to what you put on your plate and to watch the quantities . If the sport allows you to build and strengthen your body, it is primarily the diet that allows you to lose some extra pounds. So here are some

Very private files: commitment

Our experts answer your most intimate questions without taboos ” My girlfriend is a great shot in bed and we’re having a good time together, but I can not see myself marrying her. Should I stop this relationship? »- Alex, Souillac Already, in your question, you call her a “girlfriend” and not just a girlfriend

Camphor to lose weight?

To achieve weight loss properly , good eating habits and regular physical activity are required. However, it takes a few times a little help to lose weight properly. Camphor can be that little boost your body needs, provided you use it properly. The slimming properties of camphor Camphor is a real natural fat slimquick keto burner