5 slimming exercises to do when you are obese!

Physical exercise is beneficial for maintaining a healthy lifestyle . However for obese people, a small effort can sometimes be painful. Which is understandable and it might be discouraging to consider some routine exercises.


If you are obese and want to lose weight while playing sports , start slowly with an activity that will certainly help you to remove some extra pounds.

Discover here 5 exercises to adopt to fight against the evils due to your overweight and lose weight healthily.

5 slimming exercises to do when you are obese

To start your weight loss, walking

You can start your walk by 3 to 6 minutes every day and increase by 3 minutes every 4 days. You must be able to walk for 30 minutes each day, but it is possible to do these 30 minutes by dividing them into small segments of 10 to 15 minutes . Like the gym, walking is a good activity when you are obese and you want to reduce your weight.

For your lap strap

If you have belly, it is not very obvious to raise your bust. To help you strengthen your lap belt , lie on your back with your feet flat, your legs bent and your hands under your buttocks.

From this position, you must bring your knees to your chest . Then stretch your knees at 45 degrees. Then return to the initial position, your feet flat and your legs bent.

For additional difficulty, your feet should not rest between each repetition. It is also possible to kick your legs when your legs are strained, before returning to the starting position. Do 3 sets of 25 repetitions.

For your back

Sit on a swissball and hold the ends of your rubber band between your hands. Tilt backwards to put the top of your back on a swissball while advancing your feet. Spread your feet a little. As soon as you are in position, raise your hands to the sky, arms outstretched. While keeping your Ez3 Keto arms straight and remaining in this position, exhale bringing each hand outward so that they end up in the cross position. When inhaling, return to the initial position.

To make what you do a little complicated, you can also bring your feet closer to each other or slightly raise your foot when you make the movement. Do 3 sets of 25 repetitions.

The pool, to strengthen your body and lose weight

If you have access to the pool, be aware that swimming is an excellent cardiovascular activity that will help you refine your height and reduce your weight. It helps to work many muscles of the body and it also helps to burn a large amount of calories.

Even if you walk in the water with a kick board, this can help you lose weight. If you can do water aerobics, do not hesitate to do it as many times as you can!

Swimming and a bit of bodybuilding will be good for your figure, think about it!

A cardio exercise to increase your weight loss

Stand facing the seat of your chair. To arrive in a split position, step back one foot and have one leg extended behind. Put each hand on the seat of your chair. Then, roll back the second foot to extend the other leg as well.

As soon as you are in this position, your body tilted forward in a cladding position , make an identical motion to return to the starting position. Bring your foot back to your chair and straighten up. Then bring the second foot back to get you back up.

For added difficulty, as soon as your hands are resting on the seat of your chair, your body tilted forward, your legs straight, make 5 knee climbs at the pace that suits you. Then put yourself back in the starting position. Do 3 sets of 25 repetitions.

It is important to start a physical activity slowly when you are obese . As long as your weight is the same, do not overdo jumps. Indeed, the joints of your lower limbs could misjudge these twists.

You must have regular physical activity. Better a lot of small sports sessions in the week, than a big one on a single day. You can do some of these movements at home to have abs and lose weight. But you can also do them in a gym.

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