Bodybuilding: squat vs thigh press, which is the most effective?

In the world of bodybuilding, squats and thighs are often compared . Which of these two exercises can build more muscles? A priori, the squat seems harder to do and requires good coordination.

But on the other hand, the thigh press is effective enough to strengthen the legs by producing hypertrophy in this area.

If you want advice on which to choose, thigh press or squat, you first need to distinguish the benefits of each one.

Strengths of the squat in bodybuilding
The number of muscles nutrix slim keto solicited by practicing squat, in a narrow or wide position, is much higher than for the press on foot . You will do more work on your right anterior, the vastus interna, the vastus externa, the glutes and the hamstrings.

In a nutshell, the squat is perfect for overall hypertrophy and a well-distributed PTO. Even at the level of the legs, it makes the quadriceps work more than the press on foot . If you want to build muscles in a harmonious way, the squat is what you need.

The advantages of the thigh press
The press machine allows you to do some things impossible with free weights. For example, you can work your muscles by varying the amplitudes. You are also free to isolate muscles or joints, or provide constant tension.

Over time, all of this can be very beneficial for building muscle. And unlike the squat, this muscu exercise does not require a complex technique.

Why not combine the two?
As a weight training, squat is more effective in that it has the power to create an anabolic stimulus in the body more important than the foot press. But it can help you gain strength. And most importantly, there is no rule to alternate the two to break the routine in your gym and improve your performance.

It’s up to you to see how many sets for each exercise you are most comfortable with.

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