Camphor to lose weight?

To achieve weight loss properly , good eating habits and regular physical activity are required. However, it takes a few times a little help to lose weight properly.

Camphor can be that little boost your body needs, provided you use it properly.

The slimming properties of camphor
Camphor is a real natural fat slimquick keto burner for the body . Many attest to its effectiveness in treating specific areas of the body.

The application of organic camphor on the body will reduce cellulite by creating a heating effect on the skin that will cause excessive sweating, which will cause the process of thermogenesis. This will cause the body to tap into its reserves to lower the temperature.

The other benefits of camphor on health
Camphor is a product that can be used for many reasons other than for weight loss. It is a product that is easily absorbed by the pores of the skin, its skin effects are relatively immediate. Moreover, it has remarkable analgesic properties.

Applied to the skin, camphor is a good painkiller that acts fairly quickly against blows or bruises . With its benefits that strengthen the immune system, it is a plant that helps prevent all kinds of diseases caused by viruses and bacteria.

Also, with rosemary , camphor can be a good product for aromatherapy.

Where does camphor come from?
The camphor tree is native to the island of Borneo, an island in the Indian Ocean. For many centuries, its use has spread all over the world to fight against many diseases and bad odors.

From its scientific name, the Laurus Camphora, several derivatives of this plant have been created, including the famous camphor essential oil. Camphor is obtained by distillation of almost all parts of this medicinal plant , including branches, leaves and bark.

Use of camphor to lose weight
The camphor tree is available in the form of oil, ointment and even granules. It is available in pharmacies or at specialized vendors. To use as a slimming product, mix a coffee spoon of camphor with a few drops of alcohol and a teaspoon of baking soda . The cream made by this mixture should be applied to the area where you want to lose weight.

It must be allowed to act for 15 minutes before removing it.

The effects of camphor on the silhouette must be accompanied by a diet and especially a good sporting activity . However, care must be taken to respect the pharmaceutical indication of the product, especially at the level of contradictions. Also, avoid using it by inhalation, especially

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