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Low calorie menu idea

As we know, for a good weight loss, it is better to pay attention to what you put on your plate and to watch the quantities . If the sport allows you to build and strengthen your body, it is primarily the diet that allows you to lose some extra pounds. So here are some

Very private files: commitment

Our experts answer your most intimate questions without taboos ” My girlfriend is a great shot in bed and we’re having a good time together, but I can not see myself marrying her. Should I stop this relationship? »- Alex, Souillac Already, in your question, you call her a “girlfriend” and not just a girlfriend

Camphor to lose weight?

To achieve weight loss properly , good eating habits and regular physical activity are required. However, it takes a few times a little help to lose weight properly. Camphor can be that little boost your body needs, provided you use it properly. The slimming properties of camphor Camphor is a real natural fat slimquick keto burner

How to lose 12 kg in 6 weeks?

You are determined to lose 12 kg in 6 weeks? Whether for an event in sight or a simple goal to achieve to lose weight , you made a good choice. In addition to being sociologically embarrassing, overweight presents major health risks. Lose 12 kg in six weeks is possible if you change your lifestyle

Running to lose weight of the face?

Swollen cheeks and double chin are often an aesthetic problem that affects both men and women . The first cause is usually the overall weight gain that causes the accumulation of fat mass in this very delicate area of ​​the body. Of course, a diet low in calories is natura farms keto needed to burn the

What water against water retention?

Doctors and nutritionists agree that good hydration is essential to fight against fluid retention . If you suffer from this problem, how to choose your drink? Focus on the drinks you need to focus on to reduce edema in your limbs or on your face. Choose your drink It is generally recommended to drink plain

The fruit and protein diet to lose weight?

Our overweight often results from a lack of physical activity , but especially from a poor diet. That’s why scientists have worked hard to develop various slimming methods to eliminate excess fat in your body. The fruit and protein diet is highly acclaimed for this. What are the reasons ? The calorie intake of the