Kitesurf to lose weight?

Despite appearances, kitesurfing is a very accessible sport activity that does not require much experience or a physical fitness worthy of a top athlete. More and more popular with a female audience and even young people for its fun side, kitesurf brings everyone, regardless of age.

To learn, just be motivated. If you suffer from your curves, kitesurfing is a great way to lose weight while having fun!

Can kitesurfing really make me lose weight, even if I am a beginner?

Yes, after a short initiation period, you will be able to move with ease on the water. Man, woman, everyone can benefit from this activity. Concretely, kitesurfing tones the whole of the silhouette.

The arms, the shoulders, the abdominals, the hips and of course also the legs. You will quickly enjoy jumping and enjoy the unique sensation of flying between waves.

Getting started and progress is fast, so you’ll quickly see the results in your measurements. Basic surfing can burn 200 calories in 1 hour of practice . With kitesurfing, it’s 700 calories that will go up in smoke!

How much training should I expect?

If you live by the sea, you can practice without worry several times a week. Complete your program with cycling or fitness to work on your cardio . In the opposite case, it will be necessary to wait for your holidays to be able to indulge in the joys of the kitesurf.

Anyway, this sport is a real slimming benefit. The main advantage being that you can share this moment with your loved ones!

But by the way, what is kitesurfing?

Kitesurfing is a very affordable aquatic activity. It is even considered easier to practice than the classic windsurfing . How it works ? Standing on a shortened surfboard, you are additionally equipped with a sail held simply by the weight of your body.

No need to have steel arms. The wind takes you to the surface of the water and you can jump to different heights. Is it hard? No, it’s more a question of feelings and self-confidence to let go and exploit the great potential of this sport.

To go further, when you are fully comfortable, you can try freestyle. A little more physical, you will become even faster!

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