How to lose 17 pounds in 1 year?

Significant weight gain in recent years? Weights that resist after childbirth ? Whether you are a man or a woman , losing a lot of weight is possible. All is not to be wrong strategy. To lose 17 pounds in just 1 year , follow the guide.

How to lose 17 pounds in 1 year

1 year to the diet? Focus on food rebalancing

To stay on your diet for 365 days, avoid radical options: no miracle diet is sustainable in the long run! And so much the better: it is by rebalancing your diet that you will manage to lose weight sustainably !

The golden rules?

– Stop the sugar, he is your worst enemy! And do not fall for the honey or the whole sugar : they contain just as many¬†Keto Slim Rx calories … At the best, opt for stevia or xylitol, really light.

– Cook everything yourself to eat healthy . Industrial dishes contain added sugar, even when salted …

– Do not starve yourself! You would not end up cracking. Make yourself consistent dishes, rich in protein.

– The typical menu? 25% protein, 50% vegetables and 25% carbohydrates ! To make good, pasta and rice should only serve as accompaniment.

Losing 17 kilos in 1 year: and sport?

To get thinner, physical exercise is fundamental. First because it allows you to burn more calories . Then because your muscles are well muscled, your body will spend more … even at rest!

But which sport to choose ? Your tastes are the first criteria: you will not hold your swim program if you can not stand water, nor your fitness goals if you hate cardio exercises.

Tut also depends on the part of the body where you store the most: you have a lot of belly ? Exercises targeting the abdominals will be the most effective for you.

For a more global firming, endurance sports, such as running , are particularly effective. But bet on the regularity: two or three sessions per week are essential.

Losing 17 kg: when “fast and well” puts pressure!

To lose one’s kilograms , it is important to be in agreement with oneself and to take pleasure in achieving one’s goal .

Do not force yourself to go fast: when you have a lot of excess weight, losing it quickly is difficult … If you give yourself a year, it is not to despair after a week not to see the figure drop on the scale!

Trust and endurance are your best allies to succeed, and then to stay slim for the long term . Take your time, you will get there!

17 kg in excess ? 365 days are Keto Slim Rx¬†enough to lose them … at your own pace, combining physical exercise with a balanced diet.

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