How to lose 19 kg in 3 months?

We are not going to lie to ourselves, having a goal of a weight loss of almost 20 kg in one quarter is a rather difficult task. But, this is not an impossible mission, because not losing weight quickly is important!

Provided you have a mental mind and follow a slimming program combining completely balanced diet and really regular sports activity.

How to lose 19 kg in 3 months

Sports exercises and strict diet to lose 19 pounds in 3 months

Playing sports is obviously – whether you are a woman or a man – which will make you lose weight most effectively. To practice physical activity , you just have to motivate yourself. The best motivation to melt fat and reboost your bodybuilding is to choose fitness activities that appeal to you.

The choice is wide: running , squat, swimming, brisk walking … The main thing is to devote to cardio exercises and having positive consequences on bodybuilding to lose weight relatively quickly by accelerating the melting of fat deposits . Practicing these exercises at least twice a week with friends will be a source of satisfaction for maintaining a good mind.

Obviously, the other sine qua non condition is to subject the body to a real diet, in other words to a real revolution in terms of nutrition. This way, good advice!

Dieting to lose 19 pounds in 3 months

The first rule to lose weight – whatever your gender, woman or man and your age – is to put aside plans that offer weight loss too quickly. Adopt a balanced diet program by choosing fresh and good quality foods.

Your second goal is to condemn carbohydrates and sugars by replacing them with vegetables with green leaves and rich in water, lean proteins with poultry and fish.

The third principle is to check Keto Genesys¬†your food portions. A single plate, so that each time it is half full of vegetables with an average serving of 100 grams of lean protein, at each of your meals. The fourth step is to include a portion of good fat, to achieve a goal of satiety . It’s easy with a teaspoon of olive oil or a quarter of avocado .

You have seen, losing almost 20 kg in just one quarter, without damaging its weight training and ensuring sustainable weight loss is a goal accessible to all! Eating healthy by controlling the amounts and nutritional intake is not complicated . And regularly indulging in physical activities, which are good for us, is a source of energy and pleasure!

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