How to lose 500 calories a day?

Sometimes, to lose weight, you just have to change a few bad habits in your daily life. And to lose weight , just eat fewer calories Slimlook Forskolin than you spend . Starting with losing 500 calories a day, you’ll quickly see the weight drop on the scale.


Discover tips and advice to easily lose 500 calories a day.

How to lose 500 calories a day

How to lose 500 calories a day?

Be active! Burn calories without moving , it’s a heresy! And in addition, do some sports, some exercises will allow you to feel good in your body. Whether at home or in the office , take the time to stretch your legs, walk around the room, and so on.

Obviously prefer the stairs to the elevator, vacuum, fold the laundry, everything is good as long as you activate. Make every day a few minutes of activity and you will quickly see the results.

Then sleep well. No less than seven hours a day in bed and nap is even recommended since otherwise you may take a snack. And a snack less, it is already 100 calories less per day!

Lose 500 calories a day by changing your eating habits

The important thing is the diet. Do not expect to lose weight without changing your eating habits because you are playing sports. By playing sports , you burn fats but also energy that can make you hungry.

The important thing is to find the right balance. Do not eat in front of the television, use smaller containers, limit snacks, no longer serve dishes, stop cocktails , eat less pasta, say no to soda and drink sugar-free drinks.

Lose 500 calories a day with sports

By running at regular frequencies, you will quickly and naturally lose 500 calories. By jogging at 10 km / h, you will burn in three quarters of an hour . A two hour ride will be the same loss. 500 calories also correspond to 40 minutes of swimming and one hour of cycling . Finally, three quarters of an hour of skipping rope can also achieve the goal.

By modifying some eating habits and by inserting in his daily life a little sport, these 500 calories a day should disappear. Especially that by doing more sports, you will musclerez and your muscles will also start to consume more calories to function.

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