Low calorie menu idea

As we know, for a good weight loss, it is better to pay attention to what you put on your plate and to watch the quantities . If the sport allows you to build and strengthen your body, it is primarily the diet that allows you to lose some extra pounds.

So here are some dietary and healthy recipes ideas to get a flat stomach without depriving oneself so far !

What are your slimming allies during your meals?
To lose weight, always bet on fruits and vegetables: low in calories , they provide all the nutrients necessary for keto drox your body to stay healthy and keep fit. On the contrary, avoid prepared dishes, too rich in fats and sugar that tend to accumulate on the hips.

So always cook your own dishes with lean meat , white fish, cooked vegetables (soup, for example) to facilitate digestion and organic seasonal fruits. You have no idea how to compose healthy and balanced meals, low in calories?

Follow our advice with these easy and quick menus to prepare!

Menu idea 1
At breakfast : Green tea + homemade fruit salad

Lunch : A salad of lamb’s lettuce with roquefort cheese, pears and nuts as a starter + salmon papillote and 100 g of rice in a dish + a natural yoghurt 0%

Dinner : Cream of zucchini soup an apple

Menu idea 2
At breakfast : A strawberry / mint smoothie + a slice of wholemeal bread with two squares of dark chocolate

Lunch : A portion of tomato gratin with basil and peppers with 150 g of chicken breast + a fruit of the season

At dinner : Mushroom omelette + applesauce

Menu idea 3
At breakfast : 50 g oatmeal with almonds , walnuts and berries + fresh fruit juice, squeezed by hand

Lunch : Raw vegetables + a leek and carrot fondue with 150 g of white fish (whiting, cod, etc.) + panna cotta with red fruit coulis

At dinner : 1/2 avocado + zucchini stuffed with semolina

A healthy and balanced diet and keto drox hypocaloric allows to lose weight sustainably.

If it is important to pay attention to what you eat when you want to lose weight, it is also essential to go back to sport to see real effects.

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