Grease free mass supply

Choosing the right exercises is one of the basics of a fat-free weight-gain program. Yet, contrary to what one might think, nutrition is just as important . Here are some great guidelines to follow to develop the musculature, to gain lean muscle mass and limit the intake of fat . Give priority to quality A

Deadlift, working muscles

Now about the technology itself. And we start with … Deadlift Despite the fact that newbies spend too little time on the base (or don’t pay at all), this is still half the trouble. The other “gender” is the absence of the correct technique for doing the exercise. Very often in gymnastics one can observe

Deciphering the main results of urine analysis

The normal values ​​of the indicators of urine are the following values. Normal urine test results Deciphering the main results of urine analysis : Here are some conclusions you can make by analyzing your results: albuminuria (protein in the urine) . The presence in the urine indicates kidney damage, inflammation of the ureters / bladder,

Bodybuilding Tips What, how and why?

Recently, I increasingly began to listen to those letters and requests that come to me by e-mail from you. So, the bulk of “questions” is connected with the coverage of various “inflationary” questions, recommendations on sports nutrition, drawing up training programs , and just general bodybuilding tips. I understand perfectly well that when a person

Modeling the female abdomen

The abdomen represents a great challenge for the vast majority of women. At a relatively young age, especially girls are not an obsession with the problem of the abdomen, but with the aging, the first worries also appear. Problems generating these dramas are poor nutrition rich in carbohydrates and lipids, as well as maternity issues

Pushed from behind, with the bar

A wide back with details and a V shape is very important for the balanced appearance of the top of the body. The generic “back” muscle group includes many muscles, smaller or larger, placed in different positions and at different angles, hence the need for a training program that includes at least 2 exercises for

How to lose 35 kg in 4 months?

You have 4 months in front of you and you have set a target of 35 pounds less ? Bravo, you are ambitious! You will certainly need a little more time to lose all these pounds and stabilize your weight but you can already slim down visibly! Look after your lifestyle Start by taking good

When to take protein

In our days science has leaped forward. This could not affect the industry of sports nutrition. If earlier athletes believed that the amount of protein eaten was the most important factor, now it can be said with confidence that the time of its administration is much more important. The question of quantity was replaced by

Sports nutrition before strength training

To diminish the ravages of training before her drink a carbohydrate and (or) a protein shake, but better – Gainer (if the body type). A high concentration of amino acids creates a favorable anabolic environment, eliminates the need for splitting your own muscle fibers (in order to obtain the missing amino acids). The situation is