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You no longer enjoy your little pleasures as much as before? Whether it’s food or your furniture, you’re tired. A very serious study seems to have found the solution : change your habits ! The principle is simple, just change the mode of consumption to find pleasure .

Change your style
Research suggests that consuming a food in an unconventional way can refocus on taste. An experiment has shown that eating popcorn with chopsticks helps to find the original flavors, sources of pleasure. And Robert Smith, co-author of the study at the University of Chicago is formal: “When you eat popcorn with chopsticks , you are more focused, fully immersed in the taste experience. ”

A funny phenomenon
Some recent concepts like dinners in the dark surf this wave of renewal. “Eating in the dark does not really change the taste of food. On the other hand, the feeling of renewal is probably due to the fact that eating in the dark is unusual, “explains Smith.

Different experiences dedicated to pleasure
Pop corn
In a first study, 68 people participate in what they think is an experiment to “help people eat more slowly. Half of the group eats 10 flakes of popcorn with their hands, one by one. While the other half eats 10 Trialix flakes with chopsticks. Then, they are asked to record their experience in terms of taste , pleasure to consume popcorn and the playful side of the consumption mode. Unsurprisingly, the results indicate increased enjoyment in the group using chopsticks.

A second online study of 300 participants shows that it is more fun to drink water unconventionally. For this study, the participants were invited to propose their own fun way to drink water. And the least we can say is that ideas are not lacking. Indeed, some drink their water in a martini glass, others in an origami boat. When others have literally lapped the water in a bowl like a cat. It turns out that those who drank water in a fun way took more pleasure than those who drank in a conventional way.

Another experience has shown that watching a video in a different way makes it more fun. Subjects divided into three groups are screened for a one-minute video. The latter shows a superb motorcycle ride from the point of view of the pilot. They are therefore invited to watch it twice in a normal way and then a third time in three different ways:

The first group watches the video by forming dummy binoculars with their hands around their eyes, following the motions of the pilot and the bike with their heads.
The second group watches the video displayed upside down.
The third group watched the video a third time in a conventional manner.
As the researchers expected, the conventional way did not bring more enjoyment to the viewing. Those who watched the video displayed upside down did not like the experience because although new, it is too disturbing. Finally, the group who made a pair of binoculars with his hands showed a greater pleasure watching. Finally, at the end of the experiment, the researchers sent a free download link to the video to all participants. Not surprisingly, it is in the group of false binoculars that we find the highest proportion of downloads.

The key to pleasure
These studies show that the increased pleasure in any activity would be immersion. Indeed, to accentuate the concentration on the action by an original bias would increase the pleasure that one takes there. And this could also apply to things. By finding them a new application, we would probably throw less. So, one could find pleasure in wearing a modified garment; to use a piece of furniture that would have changed places, or look.

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