Riding makes your thighs fat: true or false?

Riding muscle thighs giving them a tapered look: so yes your thighs will certainly change appearance, but the result is beneficial. You will be pleased to see your muscles appear in a very aesthetic way.

Should we then practice riding when we do not want to grow ?
My body has transformed, it’s as if my thighs were lying down and my waist was fine. Riding is a sport known for its benefits on the physical but also on the mind.

Creating a bond with the horse is generating new sensations that are highly conducive to “wellness”. To lose weight slimquick keto while riding, you have to be diligent because you will provide efforts on the horse but also before and after caring. If you weigh approx. 60 kg, one hour of horse will make you lose about 236 calories, and if you weigh 80 kg, approx. 345 cal.

For information: to burn 1 kg of bad fat , it is necessary that the body spends 8000 calories. The adductors firm up by fuseling your thighs, abdominals and back muscles strengthen, which pushes to stand up, head up and provides a natural elegance that further refines the silhouette.

So you can practice riding without getting fat, quite the opposite!

The practice of riding: who, why, how, how many days ?
Activity is risky for pregnant women. Indeed, and the riders learn it very quickly, the fall is almost inevitable, even if it does not often lead to serious injuries. Overweight people also take risks, including for their mount.

It is therefore recommended to lose a few pounds before riding; the tendons of the knees suffer in all the riders but it is useless to accentuate the phenomenon. I take care of my horse, it is a contact that makes me feel good in my everyday life.

The horse-man relationship is regarded as positive and essential. It strengthens your determination to make physical and dietary efforts to practice this sport in a healthy way and to the maximum of your means.

All you have to do is do some targeted exercises to strengthen your back and especially eat balanced , without forgetting to hydrate well. Riding is a sport that is often practiced in the long term but now it is obvious, practice riding and have a healthy life are inseparable!

The practice of riding is not going to “weigh you down”, especially since it is strongly recommended to eat balanced and slimquick keto drink a lot when riding on horseback . This sport is very physical, it lengthens the silhouette and strengthens the mind.

Without ignoring the few restrictions, you can really enjoy yourself during a ride in the forest on horseback or during a group lesson in a carousel.

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